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    Golf Tee Times in Louisville, Kentucky

Mark Wickenden

by Q: Tips on keeping head down.....

Q: Please provide tips on keeping your head down on the ball through the swing. I have developed a bad habit of looking up before I make contact with the ball.   - JFox

Trying to keep your head down or still 'on the ball' will only inhibit your motion both in the backswing and in the forward swing. Instead of trying to keep your head down, I would recommend working on your turn and weight shift. A good exercise might be to imagine you are hitting a ball off a tee at hip height, and you should feel the natural turning motion of the body. Notice how the head and shoulders go with the turn of the body and finish over your left foot. The turning of the shoulders over the right knee in the backswing and through over the left foot in the downswing should produce a naturally descending blow to the ball.
- Mark Wickenden, Head Pro, formely @ Cobblestone GC

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