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Mental Skill Training for Golf - An Introduction

by Joe Gandolfo, M.A., LPC, CPT, C.Hy.

Many golfers are becoming aware of the importance of the mental aspects of the game. Donít be left behind! The mental side of golf is what separates winners from losers, the good from the great. Golfers tend to spend endless hours practicing the mechanics of the game while neglecting the psychological aspects of the game. Just as we are not born with the physical skills to hit a golf ball, neither are we born with the psychological skills to combat the pressures of competition, or golf success. Through diligence, time and practice we learn to drive the ball, to putt, to hit a fade, a draw or a flop shot. In the same manner a golfer must learn to relax, focus, visualize, concentrate and increase mental toughness for optimal performance. There is no magic or gimmicks, but rather the acquisition, implementation and mastery of mental skill training which will improve a golferís game.

In an article in Golf Magazine, Jack Nicklaus shared his thoughts - the power of his mind to influence a strong golf game. Jack claims that although he has a great long straight drive and is an excellent pressure putter, his strongest asset is his mind. "Your mind should always be your strongest weapon in your game".

This weekly column is intended to be a compliment to an already developing golf game. Mental Skill Training(MSD) has mounting research, both from the lab and field, which PROVES the benefits of developing mental skills for golf. Developing such skills as relaxation techniques, visualization techniques, deep breathing, self-hypnosis and managing negative thoughts/emotions will eventually lead to a "mental toughness" which will aid the golfer in performing at more optimal levels - thus lower scores.

Questions? Feel free to contact me at jgandolfo@mindspring.com Mental skill training for golf will help you become a more "complete" golfer.

To your mental game,

Joe Gandolfo, M.A., LPC, CPT, C.Hy.
Sports Performance Specialist

Any questions regarding the above or anything else with regard to the mental game of golf should be addressed to Joe Gandolfo at: jgandolfo@mindspring.com or you may call toll free, 1-800-897-8434. Private consultations, workshops and seminars are also available.

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